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Bruce's Book

Be proud of what you have accomplished and start where you are.

I've helped hundreds of business owners reduce their tax bills legally with the average savings being approximately $90,000 a year, many realize savings significantly in excess of this amount. This is real money; funds that change lives, increase opportunity and help families accomplish their dreams and goals at a much faster pace. .

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A Journey

To learn everything that I could

Our planning takes tried-and-true legal strategies and combines them in a way that receives maximum benefits for our clients. We do not rely on any one strategy. The diversification of ideas and concepts provides protection as well as enhance savings opportunities.

I've received phone calls and notes from clients upon them selling their business or retiring. Their messages are ones of thanks for helping them realize their goals and dreams at a much quicker pace. In short, we help you accomplish your dreams and goals at a much quicker pace. It doesn't matter how rich you may be now. Tax savings can be realized. Our most effective planning comes with clients that pay more than $200,000 a year in taxes, but many of our strategies are scalable to benefit people well below that threshold.

Bruce has spoken at Kalos Financial National Conference (Stage speaking), Retire Ready with REAP Financial (radio show), Strategic Wealth with Matt Dicken (TV show that airs on WHAS11 and WTTV CBS 4), Premier Advisors (local stage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa)


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